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Regulation of the Cabinet of the Ministers No. 269 of 19 June 2012 On Maternal and Child Health Improvement Plan 2012-2014.

Main Region

First Region

Maternity protection
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

Second Region

1. Situation characterization and problem formulation
1.1. Child health
1.1.1. Perinatal mortality
1.1.2. Infant mortality
1.2. Maternal health
1.2.1. Antenatal care
1.2.2. Maternal mortality
1.3. Infertility treatment
1.4. Role of intersectoral co-operation in maternal and child health improvement
1.5. Main problems identified
2. Hierarchy of objectives, results and performance indicators thereof
3. Connection of the plan with other development programming documents and legal acts binding on Latvia
4. Financing necessary for introduction of the plan
5. Institutions responsible for the implementation of measures
6. Procedures for assessment of the plan and reporting
7. Measures intended in the Plan.

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