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Law of the Parliament (Saeima) of 23 October 2014 to Amend the Labour Law.

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General provisions; Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
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The amendments generally ensure a higher degree of transposition of EU labour legislation and are linked with the implementation of certain directives of EU: namely Directive 94/33/EC, Directive 1999/70/EC, Directive 98/59/EC, Directive 2003/88/EC. Accordingly, introduces new wording to para 2 of article 37 (Prohibitions and Restrictions of Employment), subparagraph 2) of para (2) of article 132 (Working Time for Persons under 18 Years of Age), article 45 (Term of an Employment Contract Entered into for a Specified Period), para (4) of article 106 (Information and Consultations, when Carrying out Collective Redundancy) and para (1) of article 107 (Commencing Collective Redundancy), para (3) of article 138 (Night Work), paras 2, 6 of article 140 (Summed Working Time), para 4 of article 143 (Weekly Rest), para 5 of article 149 (Annual Paid Leave).

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