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Law No. 116 of 2013 on Promoting Direct Investment in the State of Kuwait.

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General provisions; Economic and social policy
Law, Act

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Article 1: Definitions.
Article 2: Establishment of the Authority.
Article 3: Aims of the Authority.
Article 4: Tasks of the Authority.
Article 5: Board of Directors of the Authority.
Article 6: Meetings of the Board.
Article 7: Conflict of Interest.
Article 8: Powers of the Board.
Article 9: Director General.
Article 10: Financials of the Authority.
Article 11: Negative List.
Article 12: Type of Investment Entity.
Article 13: Rules of Application.
Article 14: Issuance of Licenses.
Article 15: Term for Decision on Application.
Article 16: Rejection of Application.
Article 17: One-Stop Shop.
Article 18: Accounts of the Investment Entity.
Article 19: Compensation for Expropriation.
Article 20: Disposal of the Investment Entity.
Article 21: Merger of Investment Entities.
Article 22: Transfer of Monies Abroad.
Article 23: Confidentiality of Information.
Article 24: Legislative Framework of Direct Investments.
Article 25: Scope of the Law's Application.
Article 26: Competent Courts.
Article 27: Incentives and Exemptions.
Article 28: Applicability of Incentives and Exemptions to Partnerships of the Public and Private Sectors.
Article 29: Application and Criteria for Granting of Incentives.
Article 30: Investment Register.
Article 31: Annual Report.
Article 32: Sanctions in Case of Violation of the Law or the License.
Article 33: Appointment and Powers of Judicial Officers.
Article 34: Obligations of the Investor.
Article 35: Funds, Assets and Employees of the Authority.
Article 36: Executive Regulations.
Article 37: Repeal of Law No. (8) of 2001.
Article 38: Implementation of the Law.

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