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Act of 7th November 2014 to facilitate the exercise of economic activity (Text No. 1662).

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General provisions; Economic and social policy
Law, Act

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Ustawa z dnia 7 listopada 2014 r. o ulatwieniu wykonywania dzialalnosci gospodarczej
The Act contains numerous amendments to existing legislation (inter alia):
Article 1. Amendment to the Labour Code regarding preliminary occupational medical examination.
Article 2. Amendment to the Chamber of Commerce Act regarding issuing universal certification of product origin.
Article 3. Amendment to the Personal Income Tax Act: concerning non-wage benefits and tax consideration.
Article 4. Amendment to the Income Tax from Legal Entities: setting the date of revenue occurrence.
Article 5. Amendment to the Act on export insurance guaranteed by the National Treasury regarding foreign components of exporting products.
Article 6. Amendments to the Act on Public Statistics regarding small entrepreneur gaining from state aid an its responsibilities of providing statistical data.
Article 7. Amendment to the Energy Law regarding warranties.
Article 8. Amendments to the Act on assurance and warranties from the Treasury or other Legal Entities minor changes - definition of resident.
Article 9. Amendment to the Act on Personal data protection
Article 10. Amendment to the Act on Social Insurance System regarding contribution payer.
Article 26, Amendment to the Excise Act: new section introduced 1A Binding Excise Information.

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    art. 1&32&33

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    Dziennik Ustaw
    vol. 1662