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Act to further improve the financial structure and quality of the statutory health insurance.

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Social security (general standards); Administration and financing
Law, Act

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Gesetzes zur Weiterentwicklung der Finanzstruktur und der Qualität in der gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung (GKV-Finanzstruktur- und Qualitäts-Weiterentwicklungsgesetz - GKV-FQWG)
The goal is to strengthen the quality of health care, via establishing a professionally independent scientific institute for quality assurance and transparency in health care.
Article 1. Amendment to the Social Code - Book V - Statutory Health Insurance:
§137a Institute for Quality Assurance and transparency in health care
§242 Additional contribution
§242a Average additional contribution rate
§269 Special sickness benefit and abroad insured
§270a Income compensation
Article 2. Amendment to the Social Code - Book II
Article 3. Amendment to the Social Code - Book III
Article 4. Amendment to the Social Code - Book IV
Article 5. Amendment to the Social Code - Book VI
Article 6. Amendment to the Social Code - Book XI
Article 7. Amendment to the Second Act concern Health insurance for farmers
Article 8. Amendment to the Farmers Health insurance Act
Article 9. Amendment to the Social Code - Book XII
Article 10. Amendment to the Performers' Social Insurance Act
Article 11. Amendment to the Insurance supervision Act
Article 12. Amendment to the Re-utilization Act
Article 13. Amendment to the Regulation on data acquisition and transmission
Article 14. Amendment to the Post Procedural Regulation
Article 15. Amendment to the Risk structure compensation regulation
Article 16. Amendment to the Medical products Act
Article 17. Entry into force.

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    Bundesgesetzblatt Teil I
    vol. 33
    Page range
    pp. 1133-1147