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Act to Improve Compatibility between Family, Care and Work.

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Equality of opportunity and treatment; Workers with family responsibilities
Law, Act

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Gesetz zur besseren Vereinbarkeit von Familie, Pflege und Beruf
Setting up the right to up to six weeks paid leave to care for family members, adaptation of "close relatives" definition, introduced long term care insurance.
Chapter 1. Amendment to the Act on Family Care Leave
Chapter 2. Amendment to the Nursing Care Period Act
Chapter 3. Amendment to the Social Code - Book III - Employment Promotion
Chapter 4. Amendment to the Social Code - Book IV - General Rules for Social Security
Chapter 5. Amendment to the Social Code - Book V - Statutory Health Insurance
Chapter 6. Amendment to the Social Code - Book VI - Statutory Pension Insurance
Chapter 7. Amendment to the Social Code - Book VII - Employment Accident Insurance
Chapter 8. Amendment to the Social Code - Book XI - Social Care
Chapter 9. Amendment tot eh Procedural contribution Regulation
Chapter 10. Amendment to the Data collection and transmission regulation
Chapter 11. Amendment to the Second Act to amend Farmers' Sickness Insurance Ac
Chapter 12. Amendment to the Statutory heal insurance financing and quality improvement Act
Chapter 13. Permission notice
Chapter 14. Entry into force.

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    Bundesgesetzblatt Teil I
    vol. 64
    Page range
    pp. 2462-2472