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Law No. 1275-VII of 20 May 2014 to Amend Several Legal Acts Regarding Perfection of Defense-Mobilization Issues in time of Mobilization.

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Specific categories of workers; Public and civil servants
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Amends, inter alia, the Labour Code: namely, introduces wording changes in para 3 of part 1 of article 36 (Reasons for the termination of employment contract), parts 2, 3 of article 119 (Guarantees for employees in time of carrying out state or public duties); also supplements article 40 (Termination of employment contract by the initiative of owner or by a body authorized by owner) with new para 10; supplements article 43-1 (Termination of employment contract by the initiative of owner or by a body authorized by owner without prior consent of elective body of primary trade union organization (trade union representative)) with paragraph 10; introduces new part 3 to article 47 (Duty of owner or a body authorized by owner to pay the final wage to employee and to return his/her employment book). Also amends the Law on the Social and Legal Protection of Military Servicemen and their Family Members: namely, supplements article 8 (General rights of military servicemen linked with service) with new para 6; article 10-1 (Servicemen's rights to vacations. Procedure of granting vacations to military servicemen and calling them back) with new para 17; article 14 (Benefits to servicemen and their family members) with new para 15; changes the wording of article 15 (Pension insurance and support).

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