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Regulation of the Minister of Health of 24 July 2012 on Substances, Preparations and Factors or Technological Processes with Carcinogenic or Mutagenic Effect in Work Environment (Dz.U. z 2012 r. poz. 890).

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Occupational safety and health; Protection against particular hazards
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Rozporzadzenie Ministra Zdrowia z dnia 24 lipca 2012 r. w sprawie substancji chemicznych, ich mieszanin, czynnikow lub procesow technologicznych o dzialaniu rakotworczym i mutagennym w srodowisku pracy.
The Regulation determines:
-list of chemical and carcinogenic substances factors and processes and method of their registration
-method of works management with above factors and substances
-register of employees dealing with such substances also gives drafts of required document
-detailed health and safety measures for employees dealing with chemical and carcinogenic substances factors and processes.

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