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Law N°4093/2012 approving the medium-term fiscal strategy 2013-2016 and introducing emergency measures implementing Law N° 4046/2012 and the medium-term fiscal strategy 2013-2016.

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Conditions of employment; Conditions of work; Labour administration; Social security (general standards); Labour inspection; Wages
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The Law regulates, in its article 1, para B, sub-para B1, issues of pension, insurance, health care and social security contributions of public servants, parliament members, mayors and elective organs of the Organisation of Local Authorities (OTA). Sub-para B2 raises the retirement age of public servants, judicial functionaries and members of the Legal Council of the State (NSK) and adjusts their eligibility to pension and their right and prerequisites for retirement. Sub-para B3 introduces general diminutions to monthly pensions and multiple monthly pensions exceeding 1.000 Euros. Sub-para B4 abolishes holiday allowance and rest allowance. Sub-para B5 sets amending provisions for the computation of the pension granted by the State to unmarried or divorced daughters. Sub-para B9 expands the scope of the present Law to include employees of the Organisation of Local Authorities (OTA) and of Public Entities, the personnel of the Hellenic Railway Organisation (OSE) as well as the employees of the social security agencies competent for the Railway Network personnel.
Para C, sub-para C1 inserts detailed provisions on the wages readjustment, as well as a general abolition of the holiday and rest allowances granted to functionaries, public servants and employees and officers of the State, of Public Entities, of Legal Entities of Private Law and of the Organisation of Local Authorities (OTA), as well as to permanent officials of the Armed Forces, the Hellenic Police, the Fire Brigade and the Port's Corps.
Para G regulates matters of competence of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and E-Governance by adjusting issues of personnel transfer and suspension (including suspension in the context of a disciplinary or criminal procedure), of abolition of specialities and positions and of limitations to appointments at the State Sector.
Para K introduces regulations concerning the Manpower Employment Organisation (OAED), abrogates several sections of laws (Laws N° 778/1999, 2941/2001, 3144/2003, 3385/2005, 3408/2005, 3460/2006, 3518/2006, 3526/2007, 3667/2008, 3717/2008, 3746/2009, 3762/2009, 3996/2011) with regards to the special subsidies of unemployment and the special bolstering of income to unemployment and enacts an increase of the retirement age as well as a reduction of pensions and retirement annuities. It also determines the maximum rate of the insurable emoluments, provides for a replanning for the retirement of the uninsured, introduces a unified system of pension inspection and payment, adjusts the issue of compensation for dismissal against private sector employees under open-ended employment relationships and simplifies the procedures relating to the Employment Inspectors Body.

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    Efimeris tis Kivernisseos
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    N° 222
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    pp. 5525-5648